The DiversityDirectory Asia Pacific Foundation's mission is to enable access to a regional pool of diverse senior leadership talent, both executive and non executive, to accelerate corporate governance and performance across the region. We will achieve this through the provision of:

    1. Crossing Geographic Borders- Diversity Directory has been designed to extend the pool of available local candidates via a regional database repository with a special emphasis on outstanding Senior Leadership and Board ready talent who have identified with a more diverse range of backgrounds, perspectives, skills and experience, willing to engage beyond their borders. 
    2. Personalisation - Employer Nominating Committees, Investors, Executive Search Firms and Stock Exchanges, Asset Owners and Managers and Government can request a specific search of the combined directory of diverse candidates for individuals whose knowledge, skills and experience can bring fresh perspective to their Senior Leadership teams or boardrooms to help a company to drive innovation, internationalisation, deliver on the customer experience and achieve long-term, sustainable growth.
    3. Capacity Building - DiversityDirectory will deliver Board effectiveness training, cross-stakeholder DiversityDialogues and Inspire Possible workshops to move the needle on the discourse and engage in other related capacity building initiatives.
    4. Measurement - You can't manage what you don't measure. This is why DiversityDirectory will benchmark the Senior Leadership and Board level Diversity and Inclusion performance of Companies across the Asia Pacific and publish its results every 2 years.


    More than half of Asia’s Boards have no diversity – a risky composition for corporate governance and growth.

    The issue is of particular concern, where a failure to recruit and retain able and diverse leaders can only exacerbate the acute talent shortage and growth issues that many companies already face.


    DiversityDirectory is a regional directory initiative designed for companies and their investors to tackle 3 challenges:

    1. Improving corporate governance for enhanced performance

    After controlling for size, industry, and other corporate governance measures, it has been consistently found that there are significant positive relationships between the fraction of diversity representation on the board and firm value. Increasing the diversity of Senior Management and Board Members helps achieve the objectives of boosting shareholder value and representing the voice of stakeholders for enhanced oversight and decision making and effective execution.

    2. Bridging national borders and extending talent pools for diversity

    Asia’s economies are slowing down and companies that fail to bring diversity onto their Senior Leadership team and Board are taking several major risks. They risk overlooking qualified director candidates in a market that is drastically short on talent, they risk missing an opportunity to improve corporate governance by increasing the diversity of voices and views, and they risk the opportunity to better connect with the very people piloting Asia’s boom — youth and women.


    3. Enabling innovation and reputation

    Today’s corporate leaders must be able to design and innovate products for new segments of Asia Pacific consumers and create strategies for multiple fast-changing markets, often in a digital and global context. A diverse group of Senior Management and Directors is more likely to raise questions, challenge the status quo and groupthink or spot new opportunities.




    The DiversityDirectory is a regional initiative that was born following the lively debate on Diversity in Board and Senior Leadership Composition during the Singapore Management University "Wee Kim Wee Conference Corporate Governance and Sustainability for Economic Development in Asia" held in March 2014.


    Initially discussed by the CFA Institute and the Minority Shareholder Watchdog Group from a Gender and Board perspective, the dialogue led by the Singapore Institute of Directors and others extended the discussion to a more inclusive view of improving Diversity in all its forms, across middle management, leadership and board levels with the aim of improving corporate governance and performance. There was consensus from this debate that diversity was imperative for improved governance and performance.


    While Senior Leaders and Directors are members of their own country Institute of Director Database, Industry Institutes or Alumni Association, no neutral regional Director database existed to support the practical identification of diverse Director talent in Asia Pacific.


    Europe has the EU2020 Global Board Ready Women's Database and the US have GMI3D. DiversityDirectory is the new diverse Directors data source for the Asia Pacific region.


    For 2 years we have engaged with representative government, academia, the investment community, corporates, search firms, stock exchanges, special interest community groups and not for profits across the Asia Pacific to garner an understanding of the regions specific talent demands and unique market requirements. This has resulted in a comprehensive application process designed to provide screening of quality candidates and a rigorous data protection and privacy framework for its operations.


    DiversityDirectory soft launched in October 2015 with a database of 50 qualified Senior Leaders and Directors from across the Asia Pacific region. Now in beta, with top Executives being recruited from across the region, it’s the first-ever, regional directory resource for the Asia Pacific that helps companies and their investors discover and find diverse leadership talent.


    DiversityDirectory is a social enterprise and not for profit initiative incubated at the SMU Lien Centre for Social Innovation.



    Each member of our DiversityDirectory's Asia Pacific Secretariat has been carefully selected to represent the voice of each of our stakeholder's from across the region.



    Secretariat, Australia

    , ILeesa Soulodre is a Co-Founder of DiversityDirectory Asia Pacific and our Voice of Investor and Policy. An accomplished Board Advisor, serial entrepreneur and Adjunct, she holds more than 14 years experience as a Company Director and 20 years leading teams in companies with turnovers from $4M to $14B USD. As a strategy advisor and reputation risk management expert, she has consulted to more than 400 multinationals in 19 sectors over the past 18 years across Europe, Asia Pacific and the Americas.


    Today she leads RL Expert Group, a boutique strategy Consultancy and the Asia Associate of the Reputation Institute. Her Board Advisory portfolio consists of the following appointments: PR Software firm, Prezly (BE), Sports Analytics Firm, Autoscout (IL, USA), Inspirit IoT (IL, USA) and FashionMatch (KR).


    Passionate about paying it forward, Leesa is a Mentor for the Cherie Blair Foundation for Women and Women in Technology. She collaborates as an Adjunct at esteemed Universities and Directors Academies and is an Innovation Mentor at the Advanced Digital Sciences Centre of Singapore.


    Leesa is the first Australian female Graduate of the TRIUM Global Executive MBA Program (NYU, HEC and LSE) the top FT ranked Program delivered by NYU Stern School of Business, the London School of Economics and Political Science & HEC School of Management, Paris. She holds a Masters in Management (Marketing) from the University of Southern Queensland. A Certified Reputation Manager of the Reputation Institute, Leesa has also studied at Harvard University, Wharton, Stanford and the Australian Graduate School of Management.





    Secretariat, Singapore

    Juanita Woodward is a Co-Founder of DiversityDirectory and our Voice of Women. She is an industry veteran of the global payments Industry and has over 25 years of experience in financial services. Based in Singapore since 1991, Juanita has held various regional and global roles at Citi, ABN Amro and Standard Chartered Bank. Juanita recently served as the Executive Director, Asia Pacific for Eurogiro A/S Singapore branch – a global payments network with headquarters in Copenhagen, Denmark. At Eurogiro she led the company's expansion in the region and was a senior contributor in the company's Card and Mobile Payments strategy group. She has also served as the Eurogiro representative in the World Bank's Public and Private sector advisory group on Remittances.


    A tireless contributor to professional women's initiatives in Singapore. In 2009, the American Women's Association in Singapore presented Juanita with the International Woman of the Year award to acknowledge her work as the Founding President of PrimeTime Business and Professional Women's Association in Singapore, a registered society since 1997. In 2012, she was publicly recognised as Founding Co-Chair of Board Agender for Cause of the Year; Women in Corporate Leadership for raising awareness about the benefits of a gender-balanced business, and encouraging companies to advance women to leadership positions. Juanita has a BBA, Finance from Emory University - Goizueta Business School.



    Secretariat, China

    Charles is a Co-Founder of DiversityDirectory and the Voice of Change. Charles is the Founder and CEO of innovative education company, ChinPass. ChinPass provides change management leadership coaching as well as innovative mandarin and english training based on gamification 3D online simulation game and via the mobile app Quickspeaker. This mobile app is currently used by more than 7 million users in 8 languages. 


    Charles is Partner and Director of Shanghai Wall Street Strategies Advisors and Board Advisor to Private Jet Journey. He was recognised by 6 French Ministers and Chinese Prime Minister Wen Jiabao for being an innovative and successful international entrepreneur in France and China. He received a Master of Entrepreneurship and was awarded by 2 Ministers in the French Senate in 2005 and 2006.


    Charles is the HEC EMBA Shanghai Final Jury Member and was a jury member to the grant scholarship at MIT's "The Center for Excellence" in Education/Fudan University. Charles has a Masters in Science, specialising in Consulting Coaching for Change from HEC and Oxford University - Said Business School and a Master of Science in Information System Management from UTC in France.



    Secretariat, USA

    Dr. Robert B. Pojasek is a Co-Founder of DiversityDirectory and our Voice of Research. An Adjunct Professor of Environmental Science at Harvard University and Senior Lecturer, Bob teaches a distance learning course, “Strategies for Sustainability Management. He has published more than 100 papers in peer-reviewed journals, management journals, book chapters, and five edited books. Bob was awarded the Harvard Petra T. Shattuck Excellence in Teaching Award in 2008. 


    Bob serves as the Chair of the Board of Governors of the Corporate Responsibility Officers Association (CROA), and is on the Board of Directors of the International Society of Sustainability Professionals (ISSP).


    Bob has a 40 years track record in management consulting, advising industrial, legal, and government clients through the assessment and improvement of their activities, products, and services for environmental responsibility. He is recognized as a leader in the use of integrated management systems and the application of risk management to industrial and business management processes.


    He has a Ph.D., Chemistry, University of Massachusetts, Amherst, 1974 and a B.S., Chemistry, Rutgers University, 1970.


    Secretariat, Hong Kong

    Kelley Brakstad is our Voice of Employer and brings to the region more than 16 years experience in both talent selection, talent management, organisational planning and talent development for retail giants VF Corporation and Polo Ralph Lauren. Today she leads as HR Director - Direct to Consumer & Multichannel Development, and HR Shared Services - Asia at VF Corporation. Kelley holds a Bachelor of Science in Zoology from the University of Washington and a MSc, Secondary Teaching Certification from Antioch University Seattle.


    Secretariat, Thailand

    Dr. Lackana Leelaypithayotin is our Voice of the Board. Today she serves as the Director of Cerebos (Thailand) Ltd., CEO of Cerebos Health Supplements Division, Cerebos Pacific, Director of Lam Soon Thailand PLC and Director of Tipco Foods and Beverages.


    Lackana holds a Bachelors Degree in Chemistry from Chulalongkorn University and an MBA in Marketing from Katholieke Universiteit te Leuven. A PhD Graduate of the University of Southern Queensland, Dr Lackana was named International Alumnus of the Year 2011 for her career and leadership achievements, contribution to the community and involvement in humanitarian work.

  • Our Strategic Partners

    The DiversityDirectory Asia Pacific Foundation is very proud of our Strategic Partners.




    Since 1959, AESC has set the standard for quality and ethics in executive search and leadership consulting worldwide. Because AESC members must commit and adhere to the AESC's industry and government recognized Code of Professional Practice and Standards of Excellence, client organizations worldwide can be assured that AESC members are able to serve as trusted advisors for their most important engagements.

    • 350+ AESC member executive search & leadership consulting firms
    • 9,000 AESC member executive search & leadership consulting professionals
    • 70+ Countries represented by AESC membership


    DDAPAC members enjoy a 30% discount on BlueSteps Membership. As the executive career service of the Association of Executive Search and Leadership Consultants (AESC), BlueSteps is a discreet career-long resource that connects subscribed members of the DiversityDirectory to 350 top executive search firms around the world. Only leading executive recruiters at AESC member search firms have access to a Members BlueSteps career profile, so our Members career information and BlueSteps membership is entirely confidential. Members of the DiversityDirectory who sign up to BlueSteps have exclusive access to career management resources tailored for top executives, including expert webinars, recordings and AESC and BlueSteps research.

    • Since most executive searches are confidential, search consultants prefer to search the BlueSteps Database, rather than post an open search. DDAPAC BlueSteps Members, have access to the AESC Executive Search Firms' 200-300 current open executive searches, including many that were exclusively posted directly to BlueSteps by AESC member search consultants. 
    • DDAPAC BlueSteps members have access to a team of best-in-class resume writers and executive career coaches to empower them with the customized tools they need to stand out and attract the attention of executive search consultants. 
    • BlueSteps Executive Career Services also equip DDAPAC members with a powerful suite of tools and services tailored to the needs of senior-level executives.
    • Members can also access the International Executive Search Directory of the Association of Executive Search and Leadership Consultants, the most comprehensive and detailed information available on top executive search firms and search consultants. Updated daily, the AESC directory includes information on over 350 member firms in 75 countries, which employ over 8,000 executive search professionals. 
    • DDAPAC BlueSteps members can also use the directory to connect directly with executive search consultants worldwide.
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